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challenge the status quo

With a decade of experience in the industry. Travis aims to change how businesses and printers conduct projects. He wants to focus on educating his clients about the nuances of print- and make it easier to understand the technical aspects without the jargon.


Travis understands that ordering or have questions about print can be intimidating (especially to those new to that aspect of the business). 

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My Story

Never satisfied as an employee, Travis partnered with Ralph to start The Print Baron so that he could finally do things his own way.  Preferring an attitude of helping people solve problems instead of simply selling a product, Travis has attempted to structure The Print Baron to do just that.  Approaching each project as a personal challenge to accomplish, he strives to outdo himself again and again as he brings on more equipment and methods in his commitment to produce every product of high quality and in-house.  With no middleman, buying directly from the manufacturer, Travis believes The Print Baron can create a relationship with clients that can’t be matched by outsourcing companies or through online-only experiences. 

A dedicated family man, devoted husband, and father of three boys, Travis seeks to set an example for his sons that hard work and true dedication towards a goal, they too can carve a path of their own through this world.   


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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