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Yves is the latest addition to The Print Baron. Although new to the printing industry, Yves brings with him years of experience in both Management as well as Human Resources. Yves' eagerness to learn has found him in a new and ambitious venture.


With dedication, tenacity, and a penchant for hard work Yves strives to help The Print Baron reach new goals and create a vision for success!

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My Story

Yves began working with The Print Baron near the beginning of 2022. Having come from a background of sales, customer service, as well as management, Ralph and Travis felt bringing Yves on with The Print Baron would be a great opportunity. 


Since coming on board, Yves has brought with him a passion for the business, as well as his enthusiastic disposition. Yves puts his all in the projects he works on and displays a sense of pride and fervor that align with the values of The Print Baron.


Yves is a dedicated family man born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He is a loving father of two and devoted husband. An outdoorsman through and through, Yves can often be found out in nature camping, fishing, or simply enjoying the sun. If there is a road trip involved, you can always count Yves in. Just crank up the oldies, relax and enjoy the ride.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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